D-Leria - Driving To Nowhere

D-Leria - Driving To Nowhere

Delirio Records


12" LP

D-Leria returns to the scene more than a year after debuting on Berlin-based label Delirio, releasing a collection of work produced between 2014 and 2018; ten tracks which mark a new beginning for this young Italian producer, sweeping between heavy ambient excursions to hypnotic/ tribal techno, modernized and polished off in his own way.

‘Driving to Nowhere’ is the summation of an extended journey; a year-long hiatus due to unforeseen health concerns allowed time to meditate and consider his past experiences in Italy’s various underground electronic music scenes, and the potential directions inspired by thriving Berlin.

From 2014 to 2017 he released several EP’s, each developing upon this new style, until joining the young label Delirio as both a musician and a manager.

With Delirio he has hosted artists such as Stanislav Tolkackev, Roberto Bosco, Plaster, Retina.it and more, with a unique agenda to record precisely produced music live, instead of laboring in the studio to achieve over-polished audio.

His first album inaugurates the beginning of the new DLP catalog, which will be dedicated to LPs, albums and other projects released on 12-inch vinyl.

Through these 10 tracks D-Leria experiments with various production methods, as in ‘Makumba’ where he precisely combines the kick drum with a tight bass line in a 12-step sequence, making the track fluid and never predictable. ‘Reborn’ is an even more ambitious undertaking, initially recorded on tape before being sent back to the mixer via Hi Fi stereo, D-Leria modulated the cassette coil with a bic pen to create a unique ‘detune’ effect. ‘From the Ground’ and ‘Driving to Nowhere’, both made through the same setup, combine tribal voices and moans, combining an ethereal ambience with drums and analog percussion, connecting the rhythm directly to the soul.

The opening track ‘Libero’ is dedicated to himself, while ‘Her Smile’ and ‘Uragano’ are both dedicated to the person that was closest to him in his last period of stop and realization of the album, where he expresses his most deep moments in the first, and more difficult in the second.

Just like in most of the EP already released on Delirio, Giuseppe Tillieci aka Neel took care of the mastering of the tracks, while the artist has taken care of the smallest details from the production, to the mixing, to the graphics and also to the titles of the tracks, which refer to personal thoughts and events that happened during this long journey to nowhere.