Dam-Ru - Too Many Voices EP

Dam-Ru - Too Many Voices EP


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12" Vinyl  


TMPZ002 of Temporize records is an EP from Glasgow affiliate Dam-Ru, drawing on themes of Gnosticism, Occultism, Cosmology and Automatism, Dam-Ru displays his attempts at transcendence through sound, and delves deep into the subconscious, to a world within worlds.

He crafts complex yet warm, organic electronic music that flirts with ambient, dub and experimental sounds. With “Too Many Voices”, his debut EP, he explores a far eastern, mystical theme in producing 4 tracks that wouldn’t feel out of place in an epic film score.

Opening track “A Life In 3 Parts” plays with elements of distortion and layers of sound to create an atmosphere of fragility and nostalgic haze. A solitary kick holds the track together and at just over 10 minutes, this one builds and evolves into a shimmering crescendo.

Following is “Idafa” with a melancholic sway which layers shimmering synths over soft lingering chords. The opening tracks to this EP lend themselves to a more home-like listening experience.

On the flip “Deathhead” and “Too Many Voices” step things up ever so slightly with a stronger rhythm accompanying the atmospheric synths and churning baselines. Subtle percussive loops and low pitched synths work alongside these harsher elements. “Too Many Voices” lulls the listener into a protracted false sense of security, taking a full 3 minutes intro before the crash of drums kick in, resulting in an almost altered state of mind.