Damaskin - Silent Perceptions

Damaskin - Silent Perceptions


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12" Vinyl

Lisbon's Sombra returns in full effect with their trademark hypnotic, industrial yet oneiric techno cuts.

This engaging four tracker features three originals by Brussels-based talent Damaskin after a string of brilliant releases including an EP for Drvg Cvltvre's New York Haunted, and a remix by the young Portuguese Cindy, whose rapid growth has seen him release music on Vent and Plat at Berlin's Techno Mecca, Tresor.

The EP is packed with otherworldly atmospheres over tight, expertly crafted techno beats, with a remix that takes no prisoners - peak-time trippy euphoria at its finest, best experienced at an abandoned Warehouse with a massive Soundsystem.

The opener, Sila, combines excellent percussion work with an entrancing, floating synth that resonates in a dream-like manner, while the second track follows a similarly creative path, with delayed percussions and flowy electronics, the third track moving into heavier territories with an incredibly effective industrial and acid-inspired techno cut.

Cindy's beautifully named anarchocommunist remix takes things into heavier, darker gears, adding pure berlin inspired dancefloor ammunition to the original 'Triads'.