Danielle - In Privacy We Cope

Danielle - In Privacy We Cope

404 EROS



The inaugural 5enses cassette mix series kicks off with Danielle , serving up an hour of spaced out , disparate electro. An introspective journey of solitude and deep reflection, punctuated by mind bending breaks and percussive polyrhythms. From grainy textures to smudged out stopgaps, her skill lies in delivering these unexpected moments as a natural part of her musical narrative.

“I thought a mix which focused quite heavily on electro would be perfect for a tape themed around privacy, because to me, it's the kind of music which you can get immersed in on your own, by just keeping your head down and dancing. You can enjoy it 'privately', even if you're in a room full of people" - Danielle

Profits go to Black Minds Matter, whose mission is to connect Black individuals and families with free mental health services.