Dark Harmonics & OTZ ‎– VoidwalkeR

Dark Harmonics & OTZ ‎– VoidwalkeR



12" EP

With life sometimes getting in the way, we're no longer rushing out releases to tight deadlines or expected timeframes, but we continue to always be sticklers for doing things our own way, in our own time. It's been an eventual journey, but we're hoping the almost year-long wait for the follow-up to our debut physical release is worth it. We've already got 003 almost ready for mastering, so the next one won't take as long... Our next vinyl-only (again, no digital) release is available for pre-order from Wednesday 13th February and drops via general release from the usual suspects Friday 8th March... 'We're back. We've got another record for you and, we think, FKOFv002 is full of wall-to- wall bangers. Sheffield's finest, Dark Harmonics, are rejoining the fold (after their heavyweight FKOFd18 way back in 2015), alongside Subaltern Records' bossman @Otz, who we welcome to the family for his debut release. Their collab, the mighty 'Voidwalker', has been doing the rounds for a hot minute, with support from a number of our sound's champion selectors. It's monstrous. The A-side wraps with 'F*cking Spiders'. One listen of its second drop and we knew it was for us. Absolute goosebump material. "You know who the legendary J:Kenzo is, and we're proper proud to have him also joining the FKOF family with his sublime remix that leads the B-side. Beau at Ten Eight Seven has, once again, tweaked the tunes to perfection with his awesome mastering effort. We're really pleased with FKOFv002, and we hope you are too..."


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