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Daze - Longhorn

Lobster Theremin

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12" Vinyl

Taking a purely scorched-earth approach to production, Longhorn finds Daze on typically reverent but ever-more pounding form. Pushing the limits of acceptable lo-fi techno and crushing everything underfoot into one bass-addled debris-strewn mush.

Title track 'Longhorn' bends and contorts metal, steadily melting surfaces at 2000°C heat, cooking and roasting against a background of charred industrial drones. 'Tool' is the roller, stuck somewhere between the warehouses of Detroit and Berlin and harnessing probably the most rubber kick drum known to man. Dusting off the cerebral pounding is 'Oil Rig'. A muffled, dissonant chime reflecting on our pillaging of the Earth, our unrelenting ambition for natural destruction, forming a breakneck dystopian chant for the new world.

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