Denham Audio - Caviar Cordial EP

There is Love in You



Club Glow members, Denham Audio conjure up emotional rave magic, delivering 4 divine slices of breakbeat, house and garage with ambient for afters. Party purveyors with a penchant for hardcore, jungle, rave and broken-beats - this is something a little different from the Sheffield trio, and we are gassed to be distributing the third release on 90's dance imprint - There Is Love In You.

Kickin off with sugar-sweet vocals and just enough MC energy on this romantic title track ‘Caviar Cordial’, nostalgic, feel-good garage vibes pave the way for the rest of this truly special and lush EP. Next up, ‘Free Your Soul’ continues on that same uplifting vibe, woozy vocals, broken beats on this rolling house number are exactly what you want to hear during that magic hour in the twilight zone. On the flip, the EP offers up a chunkier bass-laced cut for the dance with ‘Make U Move’. Does just what it says on the tin with an infectious blend of groovy keys, broken-beats, shakers, stripped back vocals over a rumbling bassline. Rounding on the release with an homage to party culture - ‘A Never Ending Dream of Love’ is a tripped out, transcendental offering that has us yearning for those hazy mornings, sharing a sunrise with friends at the LSD Island.