Dervisis - Akθάλασσαإيقاعات

Dervisis - Akθάλασσαإيقاعات

Eclipse Tribez



A1 lures you into the dance carpet with an indiscernible chopped-up vocal sample surrounded by a slinkily jumping synth. A2 may end up on a textbook for UK peak time bangers and needs to be consumed with extra care as you may end up humming that highly addictive synth line all day. On the flip side, the focus shifts towards complex drum rhythms. They can be proven a real challenge for your toes to tap to but you will likely get on to it instinctively as the sunny vibes wash you over with bliss, while spending Springtime indoors.

Dervisis is a London-based producer. His debut release came out in 2018 followed by the clubbier effort Laundry Room / Yelde in 2019 via Trial&Error Records, featuring remixes by BFTT (Whities), Gramrcy (Peach Discs, FTD).