Dimitris Petsetakis - Endless LP

Dimitris Petsetakis - Endless LP

Into The Light


12" Vinyl LP

1. Liquid 
2. Anxiety (Alternate Version) 
3. Troy War 
4. Nearxi (Middle Edit) 
5. Ierias' Entrance 
6. Pyrrhic Dance 
7. Dawn 
8. Wandering 
9. The Prophecy 
10. The End 

For the fourth installment in Into the Light's journey into Greek electronic music, we find ourselves teleported to Piraeus, home place of ambient music composer Dimitris Petsetakis. 180gram vinyl.
With the exception of only one track, 'Endless LP' is a collection of previously unreleased material that has remained in Petsetakis' basement studio for almost 30 years now.

Dimitris Petsetakis was born in Pireus, Greece and has been a member of the Society of Greek composers of Electronic music, 
founded by Janis Xenakis, since its foundation. He released only one album on Vangelis Katsoulis' Utopia label under the title 'Missing Links' from where the opening track 'Liquid' has been selected. 'Liquid' has been referred to by Petsetakis himself as one of his most representative and fundamental compositions. His music in general consists of elements of minimalism , musique concrete, ethnic forms from all over the world as well as intricate use of quitars, synthesizers and various acoustic instruments.

'Endless LP' seeks to share Petsetakis unique talent with a wider audience and to pay tribute to his unshakeable and continuous devotion as a musician throughout the decades. Included o the 'Endless LP. are ten compositions that range from uncompromising experimentation to ancient Greek musical forms and exotic ambience.