Discrete Circuit - Observer EP

Discrete Circuit - Observer EP



12" Vinyl

1. Observate
2. Observate (P Leone remix)
3. Remote Conversation (ambient re-touch)
4. Remote Conversation (Blind Observatory remix)

Inaugurating the release, the cleverly designed Oberservate' drives forward with relentless kick drums that merge into self-indulgent pads slowly growing into a stargazing techno tale. P.Leone's remix sticks to the originals' covertness while adding more depth by peeling out the pensive atmosphere as his lead synth gears more empathically towards the dance floor. Opening the flip, Discrete Circuit's ambient version of Remote Conversation' in which the monologic acid line encounters blood boiling pads passing through some unknown territory. Blind Observatory's remix rips out the principal elements from the original in order to create a pulsating ominousness reminiscent of his trademark neo-futuristic journeys that are roaming through cinematic sci-fi realms.