DJ Different - Manhattan Drive

DJ Different - Manhattan Drive

Distant Hawaii

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12" Vinyl

Distant Hawaii punts the summer long into the Autumn grass with an uplifting, spirit-dancing, soul-sparkling EP from fast-rising newcomer DJ Different. Coasting off of the back of releases for 1Ø Pills Mate and Mood Of The Era, DJ Different grabs the bull by the horns for this one with some coarsely slabbed house samplin' rubbing up against scuffed drum work, luscious chords and steady swirling deepness.

Manhattan Drive is the cold banger; debuted on Boiler Room in the Lobster boss' set and found lingering on a few Rinse shows, it bumps along with a springy step and layered with warm, tender chord work. Add in sky-high vocals and a synth-noodlin' middle eight and it's rooftop-served Manhattan's for days. Missionaries is break-led deep house with a nautical-range subs. Soft brooding atmospheres rotating around a crunchy drum core.

On the flip, A Woman's Aura melds a hypnotic spoken word & strings onto a disciplined & punctuated 808 loop. Staccato'd goodness that rolls and rolls into the post-sunset fade of the evening sky. The B2 works us up into astral territory via the medium of Cloud Dancin'. A cool, filtered breeze that soars through the condensed bodies and into the upper mesosphere. Sun-tinted bliss coated in dust and rhythmic charm.