DJ Inform / Marsellus Wallace - Origin Peoples № 6

DJ Inform / Marsellus Wallace - Origin Peoples № 6

Origin Peoples

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Cassette Tape

Brought to you by two of the sharpest selectors in the Western US, Origin Peoples #6 simultaneously captures the essence of a period when dancefloors were not yet divided into a million sub-genres, when all that mattered was a groove that made you move. It also skillfully showcases the kind of refined beat mining we find today; when increased freedom of information makes even the most seasoned crate diggers bow down in amazement at the sheer weight of great music yet to be discovered.

Across both sides, we find the combined talents of San Diego based legends Bernie “DJ Inform” Fishman (Side A) and Mike "Marsellus" Wallace (Side B), former roommates who first met while record hunting, eventually cementing a bond centered around the endless pursuit of quality sound. Their respective collections are among some of the most respected worldwide, and the knowledge and flair on display in their DJ sets is something to behold.

For those not yet fortunate enough to have caught Fishman and/or Marsellus out in the wild, you now have these recordings to enjoy - so turn those volume dials all the way up. A sure sign of the gifted DJ is an ability to educate and entertain in equal measure, whether on the floor, in your crib, or on the street. To have two such selectors on a format that fits in the pocket is a treat that can't be beat.