DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Psalm Tree

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Psalm Tree



12" Vinyl 

Page 1 - Psalm 3 - Verse 1 :  To Evacuate Is Difficult And Infrequent 
Page 1 - Psalm 3 - Verse 2 :  To Reveal The Secret 
Page 2 - Psalm 3 - Verse 3 :  Walking Around Aimlessly
Page 2 - Psalm 3 - Verse 4 :  To Sing Along

or her third outing on the German label Jahmoni, Marcelle is as inventive and unpredictable as ever. The four tracks on the wittily titled 'PSALM TREE' EP go from wild techno to abstract dub, and all bear that undefinable 'Marcelle' touch of freedom and imagination, which sets the DJ/producer so apart from almost all of her younger peers. The ever-travelling Dutch lady, who was one of the highlights of this year's 'Nyege Nyege Music Festival' in Uganda, toys with musical styles and expectations, both live and in the studio; she has always deejayed more or less like  a musician. This was amongst others recognised by Faust founder member Hans-Joachim Irmler, who between 2008 and 2014 released 4 Marcelle albums on his Klangbad label. 

Opener 'TO EVACUATE IS DIFFICULT AND INFREQUENT' is a deranged techno stomper, bristling with crazy, desperate sounds. Only halfway during the track these voices make 'sense': the track deals with the problem of constipation, and offers near the end a possible solution. As a dubplate this track is heavily tested on the dancefloor and, eh, 'dropped' very well.

'TO REVEAL THE SECRET', an abstract dub work-out with an eerie feeling, samples the voice of one of her favourite actors, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

'WALKING AROUND AIMLESSLY', the longest track on the EP, is just as swinging as it is weird. The relaxed whistling over the treated sounds that drop in and out, make for a both happy and strange stroll into unknown territory.

'TO SING ALONG' combines heavy bass with an addictive synth melody and is a short, energetic closer of the EP, which once again shows Marcelle's instinct for both the dancefloor and the avant garde.

The record's curious title 'PSALM TREE' hints at Marcelle's love for palm trees, hot weather and reading books (although not necessarily religious texts; contradictions and odd combinations are never far away in Marcelle's work!) The artwork of the record is as colourful as on all her releases. On stage and on her records Marcelle transcends a sense of openness and a feeling of freedom, which has her described as ‘totally enriching’, ‘a true ear opener’, a real ‘pioneer’.