DJ S - Neva Done This Before

DJ S - Neva Done This Before

Black Opal

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12" Vinyl EP

DJ Slyngshot drops some letters from his name for this stompin’ 4-track EP on Opal Tapes sister label Black Opal. A no-nonsense asses shakin’ guaranteed DJ weapon, opening with ‘Golf One’ propelled by a chunky, pounding kick that threatens to compromise the mortar of the club walls. Add some hypnotic looping sci-fi bleeps getting tangled up in electroid melodies, a grin inducing bassline and a slippery, searching, house groove, subtle f/x laden snares, swishy shakers and the jobs a good ‘un - a proper solid tune. ‘Stumbling For A Sec’ has potent energy with it’s clattering breakbeats and springing, twanging elastic / acidic riff and melody that plays like droplets of melting liquid.

Over on the flip the tempo is upped a few notches with ‘Twisted Physics’ - a dense and complex network of intricate, cascading melodies like dancing neon particles. The ‘Privacy Remix’ of ‘Stumbling For A Sec’ slows down and melts the originals components into a delicious, slightly Dopplereffekt / Arpanet flavoured snow cone.