DJ Seinfeld - Galazy EP

DJ Seinfeld - Galazy EP

Young Ethics

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12" EP


Since bursting on to the scene with three superb singles in 2017, Armand Jakobsson AKA DJ Seinfeld has been surprisingly quiet. In fact, the "Galazy EP" is only his second single since. We can happily confirm that he's in fine form, though, gleefully between the dreamy electro/breakbeat/ambient techno fusion of opener "Electrian", the cut-up hip-hop breaks and lo-fi electronics of "Mono Melo", the hot-stepping, sub-heavy growl of EP standout "Uforia" and the mid-tempo breakbeat retro-futurism of closer "Galazy". The latter track boasts a unique combination of hip-house style breakbeats, whistling new age synth melodies and the kind of mind-mangling sub-bass more readily associated with 1990 style UK techno.