Dj Soch - The Power Of Poetry

Dj Soch - The Power Of Poetry

Distant Hawaii



12" EP 

DJ Soch brings a touch of la dolce vita to Distant Hawaii. This glittering release cherry picks the best of house, jersey house and italo, stitching them together with adoration into irresistible grooves. Resident DJ of seminal Italian club, Serendipity, and founder of Black Angus Records, Soch’s effortlessly classy house has long set him apart as a mainstay in Native Italy.

Opener ‘The Power of Poetry’ paves the way for the EP. A fine example of the rich sounds synonymous with DJ Soch, slinky keys marry velvety synths on this nonchalant, italo-influenced number. ‘Underground Night’ maintains the dreamhouse vibe; modest keys and nod to club Tropicana. ‘Peter Pan’ picks up the pace on the B-side but this laid-back, dreamy slice of house is reminiscent of sun soaked adventures. Arriving at the beach bar, dive into warm blissful waves of ‘Round the World’. Shimmery and twinkling until the bittersweet end, ‘Magic Flute’ spins a classic four to the floor formula into candy-floss, chopped up vox glistening over the infectious beat. The perfect sundowner.