DJ Spielberg - Virtual Eden EP

DJ Spielberg - Virtual Eden EP

No She Doesn't

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After a few tracks on Soundcloud and the stellar anthem 'Useful Powder' on the first record released on No She Doesn’t label 'NSD001', DJ SPIELBERG presents us his debut solo EP, 'Virtual Eden': over three tracks, we are praised with a lush array of sample-based work that, from disco to jazz, shows the prowess of DJ SPIELBERG to convert evocative fragments from the past in true dancefloor gems.

Take the laidback vibes of the first track 'Glam Shaming' (A1) and let yourself go through its ecstatic build-up. Or follow the classic house chords that sustain an unknown diva vocal on 'Mad Tough' (B1), before getting in the dreamy mood of 'Dirty Delete' (B2) with its aquatic melody involved by latin percussion and a memorable sax.

'Virtual Eden' is not a place outside reality, it’s right here, built to shelter all those who fall in love with club’s simple pleasures.