Dukwa - Tears Like Stones

Dukwa - Tears Like Stones



12" EP

The second release on TDSR comes from the Prince of Florence - Dukwa. "Tears Like Stones" is his most varied body of work yet, and hints at the versatility of what's to come from this new Glaswegian label.

Marco Dukwa lives a life of many parallels. Growing up in a small town on the outskirts of Florence, he is the third of eight children in a working class family - by day working 13 hours shifts since adolescence to help provide for his siblings, all the while dreaming of music. By night he locks himself in his room, channelling his emotions through the only hardware he could afford – the MPC1000. Through his sampler he reflects various influences from dance music past and present, crafting tracks of rave euphoria, dusty Detroit house, gliding arpeggios and golden era electro. 

At weekends, he is the darling of his local football team Antella FC for which he is the top goal scorer and subject of much adoration (even if it’s only from the average attendance of 50 people).

“Tears Like Stones” translates both the introspective recording process and the intent for versatile DJ use, percussion tools and peak time energy represented across each side. The EP demonstrates Dukwa’s path from 2008 to today – the culmination of more than a decade immersed in sound.