Dwell - Virtual Life

Dwell - Virtual Life

Of Paradise


12" Vinyl 

Dwell debuts on vinyl for Of Paradise with his Virtual Life EP; a deeply immersive journey through the heart and soul of electronic music, taking house and techno in a new direction and pushing them beyond the outer reaches.

EP opener You And Me is a fully flavoured love story to Chicago house. Hordes of bodies jack and shuffle across the floor as driving drum work and infectious percussion intertwine with a looping vocal that lifts the listener up and over the Windy City.

Flying High is a crystalline piece of dream-infused house music. Perfectly saturated drums work hand in hand with deftly programmed percussion and soothing pad work whilst an ethereal and anthemic vocal plots a new course beyond the stars.

The B-side kicks off with Follow The Rabbit, a searing slice of raw house fresh from the psychiatrists couch. A relentless kick drum cranks the gears up as high as they’ll go, whilst smacks of acid and an undulating bass line transport the mind and body into dreamscape territory.

Closing out the EP is My Intentions Were Good an ever-evolving slice of dub techno that travels way beyond the fringes of space and time. An all-encompassing electronic soundscape propelled by understated drum work, glistening percussion and kaleidoscopic synth stabs. An evocative and perfect climax to a spellbinding debut.

Virtual Life comes packaged in a matte black sleeve complete with sticker and A6 insert.