DZee - Cinnamon Behind the Wheel

Tram Planet Records



Club-fueled horsepower drives this 9-track "Cinnamon Behind the Wheel," as the Asheville-based producer DZee weaves together a collection of shapeshifting landscapes of euphoric breaks, gritty industrial rhythms, hypnotic-induced dub and UK rave stunners into a cross-pollination of both UK and US inspirations. As the cofounder and operator of TRAM Planet, DZee forges new frontiers for the label with this wild ride into pure dancefloor heat for all sound system terrains.

Whether it's the arpeggiated vocals in the rave anthem "Expired Lotion Aug 29," the kinetic feedback beatdown of "Ho Ken Waa" or the electro breaks hybrid opener "Phantasy Rewind" - "Cinnamon" has as many shades of styles as it does bangers. But DZee flexes more than just versatility prowess here, as it clocks in at nearly 50 minutes, the release covers a masterful blend of wide range BPMs and seamless arrangement structures that run as smooth as the shifting gears of a high octane engine.