Eel Behaviour - Bobtail



12" EP

The sixth and final part of Eel Behaviour is here. Opening up with the pacy, acid-tinged power of Panmella Calix's "Tip", you could be forgiven for thinking that this dancefloor destroyer out of Scandinavia was made in the mid-nineties (and you could be right!). Suneel Shark's "Blunt But Fair" got lost in the Irish Sea many times before we finally reeled in the DAT on a fishing trip close to Portmarnock. The Arctic Ocean resident sprung out of the water on this one, in naturally fast and slippery style. On the flip, French techno supremo Zadig delivers an acid-rave-breakbeat combo on "Red Eye", recalling the early era of labels like UR, Missile and Synewave, and creating a massive bomb in the process. That then brings us to Jon Hussey, who wraps up the record with an expert slice of bubbling, trippy acid. "Engine Brood" and its hypnotic properties transport us to another dimension, and the end stop on our Eel Behaviour journey. As ever, artwork is from Adult Art Club's Jonny Costello, with this one coming on clear vinyl.