Eliphino - Realistic Sex EP

Eliphino - Realistic Sex EP

Meda Fury

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12" EP

Meda Fury welcomes Tom Wrankmore aka Eliphino to the imprint for a stunning EP of thunderous breaks, 303’s and serious sub-bass pressure. Hailing originally from the Leeds, but with wider travels to settle down in both London and Berlin, Wrankmore’s music embraces hip-hop, rave, and UK garage. He now serves up
a pungent confection pitched between the Hessle Audio crew, Joy O and Demdike
Stare’s most recent efforts. Having released heaters for Brownswood and Hoya Hoya over the years, Eliphino now debuts as part of the Meda Fury family with the Realistic Sex EP.

Wrankmore has been locked away in his studio for the last 1.5 years, abstaining from gigging and releasing records to knuckle down and produce, emerging with a new darker edge and a much more hardcore sound. Tom explains:  “The theme of the EP
is trusting your intuition in an information flooded world. I’ve collaborated with visual
artists Tom Pounder & Jon Harris who have created two videos for the release, one for Disc Rhythm and one for Realistic Sex." Meda Fury boss Nick Williams; “Tom's new music epitomises to me what modern club tracks should sound like - wild, energetic, deadly. He’s discovered his own dark new world of sound fusing breakbeat, acid, speed garage and even industrial stylings”

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