ELO - Visitante

ELO - Visitante

Discos Nutabe!


12" Vinyl

The dirtiest record that has released Discos Nutabe! "Vistante” is the new sound spectrum from ELO, an artist born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and based in Bogotá, Colombia.

ELO has decided to raise the sound bet of Nutabe and offer a release that brings acid and techno elements combined with housey nuances. This is a product of his new life perceptions since his arrival to Colombia. It’s an experiment for the dance floor, and his point of view of rude and disorganized house music. Or as he says “Rough On The Edges”.

From "Trans", through "Generación” to “Devolución”, is a new journey that goes from deep to  frenetic, from calm to turbulent ... This is the music of "Visitante”. HOT!