Equis - Sitios

Equis - Sitios


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The Danish-Honduran composer Xenia Xamanek is releasing her first solo LP under the name Equis, entitled Sitios.

Sitios, ‘places’ in Spanish, documents two works of differing character, created with various machines and synthesizers, conducted by Xenia Xamanek. Side-A is a studio recording, whereas Side-B is made up of field recordings from a factory site.

In both works Xenia Xamanek acts as the director to, and observer of, a series of machines, rather than the main performer of the works. As such, the machines and the rooms they are conceived in become the central actors.

Equis’ music is a multiplication and reflection of itself. The machines are generative, and produce a sound that slowly builds and unfolds. Both Sitio I and Sitio II are made up of live recordings with almost no post-editing. One encounters the machinic repetition, high-frequency creaks, harsh resonant spaces and humming drones as a form of sonic dialogue with the composer herself, by virtue of the staging and recording.

In contrast to the composer’s former highly expressive and collage-based releases, Sitios is Equis’ most coherent work to date.