Feilim - Always Evolving In The Sun

Feilim - Always Evolving In The Sun

Jinn Records

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12" Vinyl

Second entry in Jinn’s nascent catalogue after an arresting debut from Japanese producer Yoshinori Hayashi, also featuring Sex Tags and Wania mastering Sotofett on remix duty, Feilim’s ‘Always Evolving In The Sun’ projects you into a boiling retro-futuristic blender where Joey Beltram and Model 500 rub shoulders with Unit Moebius and Leo Anibaldi. 

The next-level opener ‘Pota (Restricted Intelligence)’ breaks the EP in with pace and vigour, rushing head log into a world of a mind-altering alien technology and hyper connected dance platforms. Delving further into the weirder facet of broken electronics and off-axis acid digressions, ‘Always Evolving In The Sun’ seals the deal on a much experimental and hallucinogenic tip. Mind-trip mode is on.