Fio Fa - You Think EP

Fio Fa - You Think EP

Radiant Love



The Berlin-based collective Radiant Love is responsible for a luminous bimonthly rave roaming throughout the city for the past year or so. Naturally, its first release as a label, the 3-track EP You Think by Fio Fa, represents not just the sound of this party but its infectious mood, a flammable affect.

Fio Fa’s productions are brisk, incredibly playful surfaces: they are structured by continuity more than dramatic builds and drops, and the tracks themselves are composed from a few honed elements – a sculpted kick, a bright and chiming synth-line, some chopped and processed vocal debris. The title cut begins and builds upon a cheeky melodic line, picking up punch in the first 3 minutes. At that point, however, the song gives way to a hurtling depth, as a swirling pad joins the mix, and “You Think” begins to sound like the hottest party in a wind tunnel you’ve ever attended.