Garrett David - Live From The Dog Cave

Garrett David - Live From The Dog Cave

Lobster Theremin


12" Vinyl 

One of Chicago's finest production and DJ talents, and a close Stateside Lobster family member - Garrett David - returns for a studio-focused foray into Chicago's sonic house music history.

Live From The Dog Cave is a full family affair, with production mates Colin Johnson and Adam Rowe featuring on the A1 and B2. It's a real snapshot of young Windy City talent in 2017, warm tubes glowing, midnight studio snacks and early morning mix downs.

Ooh Aah is a stodgy stomper. Ticket-y percussion and full kicks leave enough space underneath for that GD classic bass-line to bump and groan. Elements of Detroit house collide with an unexpected new age tinge around the mid section; string stabs and Yamaha preset synth 'aah''s melding into a single Midwest call.

Taking the ominous vocal ideas of the A1, Sample Sesh adds a heavy filtered guitar/vox sample combo that wouldn't be out of place on a cheeky filtrated discos edit 12" or even a cut drawn from the subtler sides of French house.

Two Nineteen kicks off the flip, again those lil snippet vocals chattering away around smooth silky 808 patterns, hot-towelled soft stabs and resonant string sweeps.

Closing out the EP, Touched Feb rides a grumbling drive-time bass-line into the dusty distant horizon. Garrett & Adam on a serious jam tip! Richochet'd guitar / MS-20 mid-rolls and flicks of the plectrum; drum skits; organ filtration & ADSR noodling. The real bizz.