George Earnest - A Dreaming Island

George Earnest - A Dreaming Island



PEAR004 shows Pear dip into the local pool again, delivering the debut release by Berlin-based Kilkenny native (+ 1⁄2 of G.E.O. Corp) George Earnest.

A Dreaming Island is an elegy to hedonistic isle living , drifting in and out through 6 balearic-tinged varieties all referencing various styles of early to late 90’s house music & new age tropes.

On the A Side, you’ve got a prelude of sorts in A Storm followed by the panpipe delirium of Organ of Evening Calm while we signal halftime with the breaks’n’bouncey moves of A Dreaming Island.

B Side gets Trent-y with the beautiful Mermaid Dive, then gets heart wrenching thru the midi guitar shredding of Awake My Friend and sails away with the conclusion A Sea.