Gotshell - Quarkcima

Gotshell - Quarkcima

Athropic Society

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12" Vinyl

Following releases on Detroit Underground, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Planet Rhythm and BluePrint Records, Gotshell releases his first EP on Atrophic Society.
The Colombian aficionado has been making waves across the world for his uncompromising take on the darker side of techno. His new EP ‘Quarkcima’ is no different, with a thick slice of bass-heavy machine music made for late night body moving.
‘Quarkcima’ follows a bleepy lead with layers of bass, building to a satisfying and tasteful crescendo, which steers clear of the tropes and uses frequencies to their fullest. It invokes a dark and foreboding atmosphere like a creeping black fog.
First on remix duty is Xhin, who takes the bleepy synth lead and twists it into a heavy-but-funky robotic jam, stark and cold on the surface but with plenty of heat underneath.
Jeff Derringer takes the reins for the second remix, wielding the original parts masterfully into a dense, bassline-driven triplet groove that takes the vibe up a few notches.
Finally, label head Vohkinne adds punch and percussion to his charged and clanging remix, which rounds out a fierce package in style.
‘Quarkcima’ is four cuts of essential techno that will never leave your crate.

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