Han Duo - Phil In Rio EP

Han Duo - Phil In Rio EP


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Hamburg based producer Vincent Beckmann will release his Debut EP under the name of “Han Duo” on his self-run label “enbeezee”. The EP evolved at a trip to Rio de Janeiro, where he was introduced to old samba records. Vincent being a jazz trained drummer tried to incorporate those Brazilian percussion into his music, which lead to “Phil In Rio” right after the trip. The A Side shows two viby downtempo tracks, that are driven by pure percussion samples. On the B-Side he explores further rhythmic possibilities with the Trip Hop-style “Interlude Track” and the clave based track “Bajma”.

The idea behind the record was, to let the sampled genres dictate the rhythmic structure. Further the tracks have very  limited instrumentation, which in this case consists of samples from old vinyls, a Prophet and a Minimoog for the basis.