Handyman - Ergonomics

Handyman - Ergonomics

Vowel Sounds



We’re pleased to announce our latest project and second limb to Let’s Go Swimming, Vowel Sounds, a series of cassette releases exploring unconventional approaches to production and sound. For our first release we welcome Keef Winter to the family with his project “Handyman”.

Winter has produced ‘Ergonomics’, a cassette of new work that takes an approach to producing music as a sculptor would carve an object.The record begins and ends with a hung sheet of steel used as a reverb plate, conducting sound in a cyclical fashion, a meditation on what this material can afford the listener. Taking cues from his everyday vernacular; his studio and the surroundings of Black Tower Projects, Winter mixes found sounds of neighbouring workers, distant hums of helicopters flying overhead and the noise of his fridge purring at night. Contributions from a range of collaborators are peppered throughout, enriching the project with a dynamism that remains within the orbit of the sheet of steel.