Happopumppu - Happopumppu EP

Happopumppu - Happopumppu EP

ProForm Series



ProForm Series hits you hard with another debut artist on label. This time it is musically very versatile record from Happopumppu exploring different sides of acid house, acid, techno and possibilities of 303 in these genres. A-side starts with a huge acid banger called 'This Is Da Acid' repeating this mantra all over the track where as 303 delivers some treats from the silver box. Next one is deep acid house track called 'Superfluous' which might as well be coming out from Detroit in the late 80s. On B-side there is something more distorted going on when rough floor burner 'Pain' will rip you apart! After this mayhem it's time to relax with some laidback and mellow acid perfectly named as 'Heat Of The 80s'. Once again limited and numbered edition of 200, after that it's gone, no represses, no digital, so you know what to do!

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