Harry Parsons - Rain EP

Harry Parsons - Rain EP

Shadow City Records

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12" Vinyl

The Shadow City crew are at it again. Release number 3, from the Birmingham based collective’s vinyl only imprint, shows that previous accomplished outings were no flash in the pan. Harry Parsons returns with three quality cuts designed to get you up and keep you moving.

Syncopated, scything, shuffling hats cut through the silence, as side A of the Rain EP takes flight. Its titular track is confident and mysterious. The restrained echo of sumptuous strings and a yearning vocal sample give the tune an almost melancholy feel however as the rhythm section unfurls into full flow, this melancholic air is punctured and we are reminded why the vocalist has her “dancing shoes on.” A track sodden with heavy grooves and delicate feeling, 'Rain' is a wholly impressive opener.

'Dance Music' is a bluntly yet truthfully titled track. Stylish percussion and swaggering vocal shouts interweave, before a glorious hit of low end elevates us to another level. Luscious instrumentation and assured EQ work make the song feel alive, as it pulsates and grooves. Perfect for getting a party started or to keep it jumping; in other words, essential wax. The flip side of SHDW003 contains a smooth, audacious production with an Italo-Disco like bounce. 'All We Do Is Real' is a bold and brilliant closer. Equally suited to moving a packed dancefloor as it would be to sound tracking a particularly funky 80’s cop film.

Parsons displays a deft touch throughout another varied and captivating release from Shadow City Records.