Healing Force Project - Visual Alterity EP

Healing Force Project - Visual Alterity EP

On Board Music


12" Vinyl

Opening the EP, 'A Matter Of Time' sets the things up with a phlegmatic tempo centered around a feverish acid line. A soft mist of organic snares, dub percussions and jazz hi-hats slip over a spacious spread of synthesizers.

'Abduction' steps into a more intense dimension, bringing distorted, shamanic, high-energy drumming intended to put the listener into a trance state. The momentum is reached as a deep organ covers the whole structure and releases twirls of acid onto its mediative canvas.

Closing the side, 'Harmony Of Spheres' brings the pace down again, condensing all the acid material into a drowned mechanical piece that finally breathes when pads comes in at half-course.

The B-side opens with 'Alternative Currents' a gasping piece of electronic jazz centred around a play of tribal percussions and dissonant pads. 'Parsec City' continues the story with its amazing free jazz rhythm investigation, showing once again the expertise of Marini in complex patterns. Closing the EP, the shorter 'Seven Transmutation' plays with sharp acid stripes and immersed organs chords on a frame of abstract drum sequences.