Heavy Breathing - Escalators in Space

Heavy Breathing - Escalators in Space

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There's a good reason New Age music has been soaring back to the forefront of the media's cultural agenda and the population's consciousness: this planet is a stressful ball of confusion at the best of times, and seeking refuge from reality's shitstorm has become mandatory for us to regain a semblance of sanity. New Age music is an effective coping mechanism in this regard.

St. Louis-based Heavy Breathing is one of America's foremost proponents for the cause, proven here through his meditative "Escalators in Space" mixtape. His quest to document and blend sublimely tranquil music began with obsessive listening to the “aquatic ambience” song from Super Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country. Shoegaze-rock gods Slowdive's 5 EP further nudged Heavy Breathing into embracing atmospheric electronic music, which led to immersion in the works of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Also, the movies of Gregg Araki - specifically his Teen Apocalypse trilogy. So many feelings of almost sublime loneliness set to expansive, breathing music. His New Age epiphanies arrived through Iasos' Inter-Dimensional Music, William Aura's Half Moon Bay, and Steve Roach's Quiet Music.

All of these experiences culminate in Escalators In Space. Heavy Breathing describes the mix as a “moving staircase, endlessly circulating, conveying you between the infinite depths of your mind.” True to his word, this hour of meticulously selected sonic soothingness accomplishes what the subtitle promises. Those who would mock New Age based on misguided hearsay and their own scant attention paid to the genre should immerse themselves Escalators In Space for the full-body rubdown. It's a burbling stream of phantasmagorical exotica that vanquishes vexations via airy keyboard arpeggios, vaporous synth whorls, glassy, cascading percussion, guitars that sigh with the magniloquence of Robert Fripp ca. Evening Star, and calm entreaties to breathe deeply.

Planet Earth urgently needs our best people to access their optimal mind state, if we're to have a chance of overcoming the world's corruption. Escalators In Space fosters the clarity and serenity needed to rise to that challenge.