Hedge Maze - Kerb Hits - Lobster Records

Hedge Maze - Kerb Hits

Lobster Theremin


12" Vinyl

Drifting as a snow-smattered cloud from The North, breathing icy winds crackling with the splinters of crystal water and effervescent dust, Hedge Maze returns to the Lobster Theremin fold with four gently glowing tracks-from-the-hut that span crunchy house, hotel elevator ambient, deep-sea techno and skittering percussive drone. 

Sand-blasted productions that curdle and bake with the treatment of valve-driven machinery, steadily condensing ideas on a window pane in Todmorden. 

Please note this product does not come with a free download. If you wish to purchase the version with download included please go to the Lobster Theremin Bandcamp.