Hypnobird - A Breif Landing On The Earth's Surface

Hypnobird - A Breif Landing On The Earth's Surface

Origin Peoples

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Cassette Tape 

Stepping in from the cold, Martin Sander dons his Hypnobirds alias for the first time since wreaking desolation alongside fellow Swedish experimentalist, Varg. More recently, he and Michel Isorinne paid tribute to the Stockholm-based studio, Bandhagen Airport, upping the emotional content for a deeply personal record. Now flying solo, another poignantly-charged release arrives hot on its heels as Sander makes up for lost time following close to three years spent dormant.

Alongside emotion, the other unifying factor across Sander’s output is an immersive depth of field. The two elements collide once again on his latest expedition, "A Brief Landing on the Earth's Surface," navigating a whole spectrum of moods from the centre of a winter storm. Richly textured, draped in white noise and static, the mixtape is decidedly Nordic, but title and the inclusion of space-age textures hint at themes of scientific intrigue and deep-space exploration.

Between formidable surges of iridescent bass synth, austere oscillations and goosebump-inducing glimmers, there are moments of genuine sadness, optimism, awe and dread. Ominous dirge bleeds into shimmering new wave and mournful sustained chords glide over delay-soaked percussion. At times it feels like Sander’s trying to reach out with heartfelt longing – others, he’s leading the way on a perilous journey into the great unknown.