12" Vinyl

Dutch artist and producer Ian Mono presents his first release on his new label. Straight up, no nonsense techno but with a slightly oblique edge that takes us over into dub and experimental territories from time to time. In Oceans is a three track EP which covers Echobound's statement and ideals right from the start.

Atlantic is a fast paced, rhythmic swoop across an electric ocean. A thudding kick and relentless percussion drive the track while a droning bell-like synth pulses and throbs like the engine hum of some advanced technological vehicle. The occasional and sporadic square wave stabs are heard as this vehicle crashes through wave crests showering the craft in a hissing electron spray.

The thunder and space of Horizon Dawn takes the listener to a more industrialised sonic landscape. Huge clattering machine-like percussion dominate the track like the frenzied construction in an automated shipyard. Rich reverbs and delays give a sense of distance while the subtle use of filters suggest an early morning mist coming in from the river and shrouding the shipyard periodically.

We take to the waves again with Riffle. This time, weíre seemingly onboard a survey vessel. With its radiostatic atmospherics, high-end pads that scan the horizon like radar sweeps, and its echoing stabs that bounce off the ocean floor at different intervals as the depth changes. Itís like the vessel is meticulously recording its environment and always observing.