Icarus Traxx : Commandent

Icarus Traxx : Commandent



Aimed at dancefloors in sleazy bathhouses, seedy basements and soiled warehouses, Icarus Traxx’ first offering takes us back to the mythical days of anonymous, muscular power house. Delivering no less than three takes of “Commandment” (plus two acapellas), the 12 inch, starring the enigmatic voices of Jesse B. Simple and Charlotte B. Good, supplies a choice cut for every disc jockey.
“Jack 88 Tape Mix” starts things off with a vigorous kick, prosperous strings and the spirited voice of Jesse B. Simple. The oracle proclaims celebration times. Addicted to Jesse’s vocal delivery? The acapella will guide you through your most ecstatic moments.

The lights go out on “Get Your Life” just before it wakes you up with a slap to the face. Again, it’s Jesse in the vocal booth, groaning his mantra to “dance, jack and get your life to this” on a bed of erratic kicks, jittery acid and vexed rave stabs.

On the flipside, the celestial Charlotte B. Good glides into the room. Her sensual Spanish stanza gracefully inhabits “Spanish Fly Reprise”, made for horny, high as a kite early mornings. Charlotte alerts you that your time to snatch up your one true love on the dancefloor has nearly expired.. Like a siren, she lures you into her universe with sweet lamenting whispers. Better think twice before you follow.