Imre Kiss & Norwell - Ad Astra

Imre Kiss & Norwell - Ad Astra



12" Vinyl

Imre Kiss presents Crisis 001.

The Budapest-based artist ushers in the next phase of the party and DJ collective that has been reshaping the Hungarian music landscape since its inception in early 2016. The label’s inaugural release, Ad Astra, represents the fruits of a collaboration that has been a long time in the making. Kiss, fresh off the back of his evolutionary Strangers EP on Mörk, partners with compatriot Norwell, who is following up a prolific 2017 – one in which Helena Hauff named his ODD EP her favourite record of the year.

Crisis’ five-track debut is an exploration of mutual sonic interest: sci-fi narrative and analogue dedication combine to reinterpret and evolve the blueprint electro it draws influence from. Opening-track Tempel 1’s beatless synth ode paves the way for the fearless machine-funk workout to come – the calm before the storm, as it were. But you’d be forgiven for thinking the EP treads similar ground as it progresses. The eponymous track’s tonal restraint is the yin to the jugular yang of Alpha Hertz, whilst Motor City Dreams’ wistful beauty is a world away from the ancestral void of Density Waves.

And as such, Ad Astra plays masterfully with its core themes. Tension and release, dystopia and utopia, past and future... This is a bold statement of intent from an institution that will continue to be synonymous with progressive electronica.