India Jordan - For You

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We're proud to announce For You — India Jordan's biggest, best and most personal body of work yet.

Inspired by growing up queer in the North of England, For You documents India understanding and learning about their own identity, and to being kind to themselves in the process (the “You” in the EP’s title is a reference to India). The EP’s six tracks draw from all aspects of India’s musical make-up, from the raw sample-chopping house and high-emotion techno that they first made their name with, to the fast-paced drum’n’bass and happy hardcore of their formative early clubbing experiences.

The cover art and assets for the EP were shot at Dalston Superstore, a legendary queer venue in Dalston that’s close to India’s heart.

“I've always been really into toilets, I did a photography project at college writing messages in toilets for people”, they explain. “I'm drawn to the idea that they're public but ultimately isolated and individual, so writing a message was a way to show another human had been there.”

“They're spaces for me to decompress, sort my head out and get some time away. They're also places I've experienced to be queer. When I was growing up, it wasn't necessarily safe for me to show any public displays of affection with people, so toilets were a safe option.