Inhalants - Deep Florida

Inhalants - Deep Florida

Long Island Electrical Systems


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12" Vinyl LP

New Yorkers Matt Morandi (Jahiliyya Fields) and Max Ravitz (Patricia) take the buyout, cash in their 401k's, and opt for early retirement down to "Deep Florida" on their debut LP for L.I.E.S. Titles like Humid Widow, Dark Duties, and Chasing the Dream set the tone for what can only be called a tropical storm of synthesizer chaos atop dusted drum programming and hazy vibes. These eight tracks snarl and bite like a neglected backyard animal in the summer heat, clawing at the chainlink fence and scaring the neighbors kids. Before you know it, the cops are called, the evening news is on the scene, and someone's being led away in cuffs. Highly recommended. Artwork by Matthew Bellosi and Pete Leonard.