Inoue Shirabe ‎- Gravitation of Acidtree / Function Spring

Inoue Shirabe ‎- Gravitation of Acidtree / Function Spring



12" Vinyl


Following Antinote's releases last year. With Function Spring / Gravitation Of Acidtree, his third release on the Parisian imprint, the Okayama's producer delivers what may be his two most sophisticated tracks so far.

With Function Spring, Inoue Shirabe continues to investigate the subtle equilibrium between opposite feelings of sadness and joy that he successfully reached on Down Into The Black Church, on his previous 12". This time, the Japanese producer uses celestial elements (bells, an organ in the distance that we can hear punctually) to counterbalance the roughness of the rhythmical section, in order to plunge the listener into a profound state of meditation. 

On Gravitation Of Acidtree, Inoue Shirabe crosses that thin line, breaks the balance between contrary feelings and sketches a desolate landscape. Using a myriad of analogue bleeps and synth lines - which erratically appear and disappear as he stretches the track before finally letting it reach its long-awaited climax.