Iron Curtis - Maple

Iron Curtis - Maple

Office Recordings


12" Vinyl

Versatility has got to be Iron Curtis’ second name. There are only few other producers on the electronic scene who are able to display such a variety of musical facets as this talented man from Berlin. With his ‘Maple EP’ he underlines his reputation of an artist with many faces as his new release is quite a box of surprises: rarley have we heard Iron Curtis in such a dubby mood.

Beginning with the straight and bass centered title track ‘Maple’ Iron Curtis moves on to the almost beatless and moody ‘Collision’ and the chord driven Dub House of ‘Entago Entery’ and finishes the EP with the delicate, Ambient encore ‘Reset Me’ on B2. With its impressive display of variety this record is a celebration of reduced, understated Dub Techno performed with a distinct musical flair and a clear artistic vision which perfectly fits label owner Baaz’ direction of his Office imprint so far. What’s surprising is how effortless and ‘natural’ Iron Curtis’ appearance on his long-time friend’s record label feels. In such good shape his ‘Maple EP’ is a definitve tip for the lovers of sophisticated and detailed Dub Techno full of suspense.