Isayahh Wuddha - Urban Brew

Wotnot Music


12" EP

Cody Chesnutt’s Headphone Masterpiece is a core work in the WotNot inspiration book. Put that release through Google Deep Dream and Isayahh Wuddha’s Urban Brew is what you end up with. Recorded in Kyoto to multitrack tape recorder with vintage drum machines, guitars and Casio keyboard, the result is an eddying blend of lo-fi soulful indie, funk, rock and psychedelia.

The release is led by Wuddha’s strange but alluring vocal delivery, moving between tender-to-the-point-of-breaking any-second, almost-apathetic-semi-rapping and friendly conversational with the occasional James Brown scream dotted around.

While the music ranges from lively to ballad-esque, there is a sense of fun and playfulness throughout, enhanced by the raw, slapped-together production style.

With roots in Taiwan and Japan, Kyoto’s Isayahh Wuddha counts avant garde saxophonists Albert Ayler and Kaoru Abe among his early influences, but attributes his decision to make and release music to reading Michael Jackson’s biography!