ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 09

ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 09



12" Vinyl 

Everyone stop what you’re doing; ItaloJohnson has completed its first super-limited pressing of white label 12“s in 2015. Each copy of ITJ09 was hand-stamped in a derelict basement deep in Neukolln by gypsies and three anonymous DJs who don’t show their faces because they would rather “let the music speak for itself.” Run to your nearest brick and mortar vinyl dealer and preorder your vinyl NOW because they’ve only pressed 103 copies and you know the rules: one per customer! Don’t hesitate— or you will pay 50 Euro for it at Record Loft. 

The EP offers up three jacking cuts of the most pure, organic, raw, dusty, deep underground house music to date. What else could you expect from three Germans who were weaned on a steady diet of Detroit and Chicago classics from the day they were born. After receiving an 808 for his 10th birthday, one member of the faceless trio was rumoured to have ghostwritten basslines for some of techno’s finest during the early 1990’s. 

ItaloJohnson truly are “too deep underground.”