ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 5

ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 5



10" Vinyl

ItaloJohnson’s first release in 2012 breaks the standards of the classic 12- inch model with two tracks representing a double A-side on a 10-inch vinyl. This is the first release that’s branded with the ItalioJohnson logo so grab it while it’s hot because stickered copies are limited to 500 vinyl.

The stamped side blows you away with a solid bassline powerful enough to light your ass on fire. Unique FX-sounds, an explicit arrangement and sharp drumming pull the track together.
The flip side provides you with proper house music as the vigorous, repetitive vocal-stabs, a Hells Bells Bass and the fearless 707 drums flow into ItaloJohnson’s trademark sound.
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