ItaloJohnson - ITJ06

ItaloJohnson - ITJ06


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12" Vinyl

Keeping with tradition, the second ItaloJohnson release of 2012 once again presents itself in the likeliness of a 12inch Wax with three tracks.
The one-track mind repeats the same funk-nationalistic character of ItaloJohnson and once more shows its simplicity. This tune comes to its rite where it is loud and dirty but even headz sitting at home will be able to feel the sun rise. BOOM SHAKALAKA.
The double-track side has some surprises in store for its listeners. For those in the know, the first track is also known as “BOOTYTRACK.” This track always pushes the low end to the limit and under the right circumstances guarantees some hip swing. Number two may sound familiar, but even if you don’t know its rootz, you’ll still be down with each other.

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