J G B - Gyra EP

J G B - Gyra EP



12" EP

João Braga alias J G B from Niterói in Rio de Janeiro is delivering the second vinyl release for Enbeezee.
"Gyra", a makeover of his most viral hit, is featured on the A-Side merging Brazilian folklore of the 70s with delicate electro. The legendary sample of the track shines through but the delayed and skippy drums and mystical pads give the track a new form. Second on the A-Side is the Han Duo Dub, which takes the track up in tempo and transforms it into a deep dance-floor groover with big 808s and ever-emerging FM percussions.

On the B Side, Joao portraits his most recent ambient and tribal electro sound with the track "Susto Na Praça". This track takes you to the jungle with shuffled percussions in an atmosphere of reverb tails and drones. The EP stands as an homage to the Condomblé and Umamba culture from Bahia, hence the red & black cover, with Art by J G B's friend and artistic companion Bóris Rodrigues.

J G B has been playing around Brasil on festivals like Voodoohop, Heliodora or Sujo in Brasília as well as having played the legendary party series Mamba Negra. He has released several records on European labels and is working constantly on his live show with an MPC1000 the centerpiece within several synths and modular instruments.