J-Zbel, Low Jack, U-202 - Rends L'Argent

J-Zbel, Low Jack, U-202 - Rends L'Argent

Brothers From Different Mothers X L.I.E.S.


12" Vinyl 

"Rends L'argent" ("give the money back") became the Clarion call of anti-corruption protesters during the 2017 French general election campaign. It would be slightly misleading to say that this split 12" from the consistent Brothers From Different Mothers is a politically-charged affair, but there's certainly anger to be detected amongst the four fantastic tracks on show. Check, for example, the long and foreboding build-up, poignant electronics and booming hardcore/jungle revivalism of J-Zbel's opener "Nik Molina" and similarly inclined "Selecta". Or, for that matter, the disenchantment fuelling Low Jack's "Ice Formula Riddim", where melancholic chords wrap around tumbling melody lines and occasional bouts of post-dancehall drums. As for U-202's bleak and distrorted techno closer, "Whistler (Edit X)", it feels like the producer has already lost all hope.

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